The Ultimate Guide to Home Painting Projects

From colors to techniques, it’s hard to know where to start when painting home interiors. That’s why The Spruce partnered with Benjamin Moore to share insights on how to make any room look fresh and beautiful.

Tip #1

Sleep on Your Color Decision

Before you commit to painting your bedroom a new color, leave the paint sample up on the wall to see how it looks in different light. Be sure it looks as good in the morning as in the evening.

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Tip #2

The Best Way to Prep Your Wall for Painting

Your painting project can go off track before you open a can of paint. That’s why you need to know the right way to prep your walls.

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Tip #3

Painting a Brick Fireplace

With the right prep work, updating a brick fireplace is easier than you think.

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Tip #4

A Beige Bedroom Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Neutral tones can give rooms a clean, vibrant look. You just need to find the perfect shade.

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Tip #5

Make a Statement with Your Staircase

Between the banister to the steps, a staircase presents plenty of opportunities to add bold and exciting colors to your home. Check out seven creative ways to bring your staircase to life.

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Tip #6

Get Cozy with Hygge Colors

Hygge, the Danish design concept all about cozy comfort, is usually associated with crackling fireplaces and overstuffed chairs. But the color you paint your living room is just as important.

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Tip #7

Elevate Your Bathroom with a Painted Ceiling

A brand-new tub isn’t the only way to create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Try painting the ceiling a serene shade of sky blue.

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Tip #8

Bedroom Colors as Comfy as Your Duvet

The color of your bedroom walls can be as soothing as a weighted blanket. Here are some of the bedroom color schemes we find most relaxing.

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Tip #9

Sheen and Gloss 101

Not sure what paint finish is perfect for your next project? It’s all about how much light you want reflected off the surface. Find the level right for the room.

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Tip #10

Welcome Guests with Warm Colors

Neutral tones aren’t required. Explore the full spectrum by picking up samples.

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Tip #11

Replacing Kitchen Cabinets Isn’t Always the Answer

If your kitchen cabinets are looking outdated, repainting them is a simpler—and less expensive—way to have them feeling fresh and new.

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Tip #12

Do You Need to Scrape and Sand Before Painting?

To find out, stick a strip of duct tape on the wall and peel it off. If paint comes off in more than tiny specks, you should scrape and sand.

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Tip #13

What to Do Before Painting Your Bathroom

No matter what color you decide to paint your bathroom, make sure you repair any cracks and seal any holes. Don’t worry—you don’t need to be a DIY pro to figure this out.

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Tip #14

Is Your Wood Furniture Ready for a Makeover?

For your next painting project, think beyond the walls and repaint wood furniture, from bookcases to bed frames.

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Tip #15

Spice Up Your Kitchen with an Accent Wall

A backsplash isn’t the only way to make your kitchen look more dynamic. An accent wall is a fun way to bring bold color into any room that might otherwise feel stale.

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Tip #16

Pair Your Bedding with Your Bedroom Walls

Find a shade that won’t clash with your bedding.

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Tip #17

Don’t Forget About Trim

When painted well, the right trim can transform a room.

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Tip #18

Get Paint Designed for High-Humidity Environments

Steam won’t make paint peel if you choose the right product.

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Tip #19

Bring More Color into the Bathroom

Liven things up by painting your cabinets and trim a bold color.

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Tip #20

The Recipe for an Analogous Color Scheme

Much like you’d follow a recipe when cooking something new, you should use the color wheel as a guide when creating an analogous color scheme in your kitchen. We can guide you through it.

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Tip #21

Sample Colors with Benjamin Moore® Peel-and-Stick

These 12''x12'' peel-and-stick color samples let you easily move color options from room to room.

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